9 Exciting Reasons To Learn Python Today

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learn python for marketers

Python is an incredible tool for marketing. With it, you can crunch data, visualize trends, and automate processes. Not to mention, you can use your tools far further than what many software as a service allows. Here are 9 reasons to learn python for marketers. 

With Python, you’ll become a marketer that can outperform competitors and use marketing data in a way no other marketer can. 

Hook up sheets and crunch data

Sometimes Google sheets and Excel don’t have all the capabilities you need to make smart decisions. Maybe you’re like me and you don’t want to deal with sheets, because they’re a pain.

With Python, you can connect Google Sheets with your script or read in an excel file and run all of the functions your heart could desire.

You can also pull in information from websites and APIs to cross-reference your spreadsheet.

Scrape websites for leads or relevant information

The internet has more information than you can read in a lifetime. Some of that information is incredibly valuable to your company, your sales team, or your marketing strategy.

By setting up key scraping scripts in Python, you can leverage that information to track trends, send leads in real-time to sales teams, or track competitors.

Fill out Forms on a website

A lot of the world runs on forms. You can sell a car on Ebay or Craigslist simply by submitting it and the price online. You can ask for meeting space on Meetings.com.

With Selenium in Python, you can submit almost any form online and even manage your active accounts by logging in.

For websites without an API, you can use Selenium to perform actions automatically, just like you would.

Creating robust visualizations

Softwares like Google Data Studio and HubSpot are great for displaying your data, but Python can create some visualizations that show you more data and can correlate all your data sources.

One feature of Seaborn, Python’s graphing library, that is especially phenomenal for marketing is creating Purchase Behavior Heatmaps. You can take the orders or traffic of your product and create robust product heatmaps that communicate product usage in one glance.

You can also visualize trends of your data even when your eye couldn’t notice it in the data itself, but more on that when we talk about Machine Learning models.

Create custom integrations with software

There are software that can connect your data, but relying on third-party software often has limitations and costs that you can avoid with Python.

Whether you are looking to manage your HubSpot better or integrate into your Gmail, Python can allow you to use all these software in concert and develop powerful internal marketing tools.

Automate the stuff you find boring

We all have parts of our marketing jobs that bore the hell out of us.

For me, I hated importing sheets into my HubSpot.

The solution I found was making a script for it! It led to me keeping my CRM squeaky clean while only taking 5 minutes for me to import it.

When deciding if Python is right for you, consider all the tasks you work on everyday that drive you insane and write them down. Python may be a great option to getting it off your plate.

Search Google to Enrich leads

With Python, you can access the Google Search API to search up to 100 search results a day free.

When you think about all the information you use Google for a day, imagine all the power that information could be used for in your marketing.

Instead of searching manually 1,000 times a day, let a script do it in 5 minutes. Here’s how to scrape Google automatically.

Pull Information from Twitter

Python can pull information from Twitter pretty robustly with multiply libraries. After you get your bearings inside the massive network of information on Twitter, you can find a lot of information like:

Once you pick up Python, you’ll have a direct line to all this information.

Create a machine learning model

Finally, we get to the part that everyone loves to talk about with Python: Machine Learning.

Keep a reminder that this is a rather advanced application of Python and does not come easily.

That being said, with a little guidance, you can have a big impact on your organization with some basic Machine Learning applications:

  • Predict when your client’s next purchase will be
  • Categorize the messages from your clients to track needs
  • Predict churn and what drives it

Now that you’ve seen all the powerful applications of Python for a marketer, I hope you’re on board with learning it!

In the next blog post, I will go over how to add Python to your computer so you can get started!

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